Special to the Lone Gunmen

 bs md police drone 20140824

Not only do we need to be concerned about the use of fluoride in our drinking water, but an industry insider has revealed to us, anonymously, that aerial drones have been fitted with aerosol containers that spray a form of fluoride into the skyline. While the purpose of cloud seeding has been tried since the 1940s, where particles are sprayed to create rain or snow, the intent of this technique is unclear. High levels of Fluoride can affect animal populations and birds, this could be a form of population control. “I could not believe it” said Ned, a farmer from a small town in the Midwest. “I saw some drones hovering in our area, and when I used a molecular sensor, as a loan from a university professor, I found a high concentration in the air.” Efforts to reach out to the industries who are putting this into practice have been difficult, and the Environmental Protection Agency offered little comment on our inquiry.